Hello, I am

Simon Maguire

Software Engineer focussed on tackling challenging problems and creating performant tools that enable a wonderful experience for users. Looking to utilize my expertise building applications to improve everyday lives at scale.

A web app for taking pottery notes. Track key information such as how much clay was used, which glazes you applied, what the pot looked like at different stages and more.

TypeScript, React, NodeJs, Express, MongoDB, Cloudinary


  • I picked MongoDB because I wanted some experience with it, but would use a relational databse next time since my data has been clearly relational.

  • Better image displays

  • Many possible new features. Add OAuth along side in house Authentication with JWT. More extensive options for type of pots. Allow users to save glazes and clays so they dont have to type them repeatedly. Add batches of pots so a potter can create several simillar pots and not have to maintain several forms, etc.

I am a full stack software engineer with almost two years of professional experience builind web applications. I had the honor of working with great engineers at Emergency Reporting, helping fire departments and Emergency Medical Services document the work they were doing and start to get better insights out of that data. We helped create data with better integrity for government agencies overseeing them and for safe communities.

I love both the concrete and the indirect. The concrete ways that a new feature can be directly used by an end user to do things better. And the more nebulous ways that software can improve systems. The data gathering and analytical work that leads to insights and improvements. I enjoy the problems and puzzles as long as they are bringing value.

I have have taken some time away from professional software development. I explored making pottery, working in a bakery, whitewater rafting and taking care of trees. But I always knew it was a short break. I have been enjoying working on side projects by myself and with friends who are just dipping their toes into the waters of software engineering. I am looking to create great software and work with passionate engineers. If you want to do that too please let me know!